This Website was conceived as a tool for viewing the artwork of young children at different developmental stages.   All the artwork displayed here was created at the Early Childhood Center (ECC) at Sarah Lawrence College, a Laboratory Preschool for children ages two through seven.  Artwork is an essential aspect of the ECC curriculum.  Children are provided with a wide range of materials as well as the time and space in which to create artwork.  At whatever stage of development, the ECC encourages the children to express themselves in ways that reflect their own ideas and playfulness with materials.  Individual examples were chosen out of the proliferation of work created by the children each day.  The artworks were selected for their particular charm and thoughtfulness as well as categorized as examples of work for each  age group.  This site represents the collaborative efforts of members of the Psychology Department, Early Childhood Center and Graduate Students at Sarah Lawrence College. 

We have enjoyed observing children’s work in the process of creating this site.  Each of us has made countless discoveries in having access to such a range of creative work taking place at the ECC.  It is our hope that others will find this a useful resource for making their own meaningful connections about the artwork of young children.